Greening city - A new phase of the Szombathely2030 Programme begins

Szombathely is representing itself as the only Hungarian city in the Intelligent Cities Challenge 2.0 (ICC 2.0) Program, with a focus on digital and green transition. This provides the international framework for the Szombathely2030 development program.

As a current element of the regular meetings and discussions, the founding signatories of the programme met again to review where everyone stands in the implementation. Adrienn Bokányi, Councillor of the City of Szombathely, presented the new orientations of the newly launched international program. She emphasized the expectation, which the participants of Szombathely2030 have always upheld, for tangible results. To support this, the program should include bilateral agreements whereby the city's partners commit to contribute to the environmental sustainability of Szombathely through concrete actions (the so-called Local Green Deal). Since one of the main objectives of the developed and improved Szombathely2030 program – which has been reviewed and commented by 1,000 residents and businesses – is to become an intelligent green city, the alignment is fully ensured.

Subsequently, PBN presented the results of the past semester, focusing on manufacturing digitalization, social sector digitization, and relevant international activities. Partners reviewed newly launched international projects and discussed possible points of connection and synergies. The aim is to achieve broad integration of partner organizations into R&D and innovation.

The meeting was attended by key players of the city, including the Municipality, representatives of the Pannon Business Network, the management of the local institution of the University of Pécs, the representative of the of the KTI Hungarian Institute of Transport Sciences and Logistics, the leadership of the Vas County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the managing director of the Agora Cultural and Sports Centre, the head of the Pálos Károly Social Centre and the managing director of the Association of Mechanical Engineering Scientific Association.