We have reached a milestone - signing of the Szombathely2030 program

On 6th September the signing ceremony of the Szombathely2030 program took place at a press conference. The signing of the cooperation agreement is a decisive milestone in the process of the program.
Speakers at the event pointed out that knowledge is what is valuable, and that this knowledge originates from universities, and has to be flourished by a supportive ecosystem. "The cooperation among three universities, the local government and organizations aiming to exploit technological knowledge represents a unique opportunity in Hungary," they said.

The aim of the program is to focus on research and development and on education, with an R&D center equipped with laboratories and research labs, including an internationally remarkable healthcare test environment.

Meanwhile, the collaboration has also achieved spectacular results over the past year, during the Szombathely2030 preparation phase. These activities include a newly accredited, rehabilitation-related curriculums at the University of Pécs in Szombathely, the foundation of two institutes and a subsidized training program of Óbuda University in Szombathely, the increasing number of students in various courses at ELTE, the launch of a new business course of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vas County at ELTE University, also a unique teaching and learning factory unit for research and development and realization of a smart senior room, both at PBN.

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